About Us


Southern Lace Estates is proudly owned and operated by Angie, Megan & Jessica, a mother and daughters trio.
After planning and decorating her first daughter's wedding in 2013, Angie fell in love with the idea of helping couples celebrate their special day. Todd, her husband, saw how elated she was preparing for the wedding and suggested building a wedding venue for her to own and operate. After much hesitation, she decided to end her career as a teacher and go for it. Megan and Jessica both went to school for other professions, but eventually joined their mother and helped design each unique room and amenity. After almost 4 years of a long building process with many setbacks, Southern Lace Estates welcomed its first wedding in August 2018. The ladies make it a point to have at least 2 of the 3 of them at every event, to make sure the event runs smoothly and help out where necessary. They truly want the best for each couple and get personally invested in their love story - and always end up loving them like their own!


Angie - Estate Owner


Angie lives in Atascocita with her husband and high school sweetheart, Todd. She was a teacher for 23 years, and taught 7th grade english/language arts in Crosby for 11 of those years until 2011. She then opened and ran a wedding rentals company until 2014, when they decided to build the wedding venue. Angie spends many, many hours at the Estate, delegating tasks and getting her own hands dirty, making sure it remains in tip-top shape. She makes every client and couple feel exceptionally loved and welcomed. She's very talented in other crafts - sewing, crafting, home design, etc. - and enjoys doing these when she has the time. Spending time with her husband, girls, and granddaughter will always be her favorite.


Megan - Estate Director


Megan lives in Houston with her husband and maltipoo. She graduated with a health degree from Texas A&M in May 2013 and married her husband, whom she met at A&M, in the fall of 2013. Megan and her husband lived in San Antonio for a year, but returned to Houston in 2014 with her husband's job, where she began working for Angie to help out until she found a new job. Megan quickly fell in love with SLE and stayed, working full time. She is currently the Estate Director and gives tours to potential clients and works with vendors. She's goes above and beyond to give recommendations and advice to our clients, and they truly enjoy her bubbly personality. For fun, she enjoys hosting house parties, socializing with her friends, and traveling with her husband.


Jessica - Estate Coordinator


Jessica lives in Spring with her husband, her infant daughter, and her two rescue dogs. She graduated with a chemical engineering degree from Texas A&M in December 2015 and married her husband, whom she met at A&M, in the fall of 2016. She began working for SLE in January 2016 to help out until she found an engineering job, but loved being with her family so much, that she took the opportunity to stay. She enjoys crafting in her spare time and runs an Etsy shop. She also likes hanging out with friends and family whenever possible. She's currently the Estates Coordinator for SLE, and handles all of the paperwork for clients and vendors.